Sponsors & Academy Partners

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT)

Our lead sponsor is Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT), an internationally recognised centre of medical excellence.

Manchester Health Academy students benefit from access to a comprehensive range of NHS expert practitioners and their working environment. As one of Manchester’s biggest employers, the MFT is committed to improving the life chances for the students in the Academy. Students not only have the opportunity to gain insights into the career opportunities in the medical, clinical, nursing and technical health areas, but also to access the diverse support trades and services essential to the life of MFT. The focus of health runs through all aspects of student life and learning at the Academy.

Manchester City Council

Manchester City Council is our Co-Sponsor who supports both the Academy and MFT enabling us to provide a entirely new and transformational experience for young people in the Wythenshawe and surrounding areas, offering opportunities for all.

Manchester United Foundation

Manchester United Foundation work in partnership with the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) to develop and promote healthy living through sport and the association with Manchester United, its players and philosophy.

Together with the above partnerships in place we are able to provide a unique set of strategies to support local young people on their journey towards success. We provide a safe environment in which students develop the skills and attitudes for further study and employment and a curriculum which is enriched through the active involvement of our sponsors.

"No matter what your ability is, effort is always what ignites that ability and turns it into accomplishment.” Carol Dweck, Psychologist