Staffing Structure

The Senior Leadership Team

  • Mr Kevin Green - Principal
    Kevin Green 120 x 180 Mr Green originally began his career in engineering, completing a four year apprenticeship and working for the Ministry of Defence. He subsequently set up a sub-contract engineering company with a colleague, before selling the business to embark on a new career in teaching. Mr Green’s teaching career spans twenty years, working in five schools, three of them being deemed ‘outstanding’ providers. He has progressed from being a teacher of Design Technology, through to Curriculum Leader for this subject before moving into senior leadership. He was an Assistant Principal responsible for Key Stage 4 for five years before moving to Manchester Health Academy as Vice Principal four years ago.
  • Mr Paul Trainor - Vice Principal
  • Mrs Louise Staunton - Strategic Director of Finance and Corporate Services
    Louise Staunton 120 x 180 Mrs Staunton has over 15 years’ experience of education finance.  Mrs Staunton has held a number of roles in education finance, providing financial advice and support to a number of schools in a vast range of settings.  Mrs Staunton held the role of education finance officer on behalf of the local authority for a number of years before progressing to finance manager in a single Academy Trust.  Mrs Staunton further qualified as an ACCA Accountant in 2006 and was appointed as Business and Finance Director. This is where she established a business management partnership, providing business and finance services to schools across the local authority.  Louise has worked closely with the National College for Teaching & Leadership as regional business manager advocate and partnership adviser, promoting school business management collaborations across the North West.  Mrs Staunton has since gained her advanced diploma in education business management and  a post graduate qualification in educational leadership prior to commencing her role at the Academy
  • Mrs Julie Hawkins - Assistant Principal
    Julie Hawkins 120 x 180 Mrs Hawkins has worked in the education sector for more than twenty five years having previously worked in as an engineer, designer and marketer. Her experience within education has been across KS1, 2, 3 and 4 in various leadership roles including school improvement.
    Being part of the original leadership team who were responsible for the successful opening of Manchester Health Academy in 2009, her main responsibilities are Transition from KS2 to KS3, Safeguarding and Senior Leadership of the Performance Team.
    A very keen sportsperson, Mrs Hawkins really believes that the values promoted at the Academy are the keys to success and reaching one’s full potential.
  • Miss Lucy Neukom - Assistant Principal
    Lucy Neukom 120 x 180 Miss Neukom has been an English teacher for twelve years, working as a Lead Teacher with responsibility for running targeted interventions and mentoring trainees before becoming Curriculum Lead for English at the Academy. As an English practitioner, her passion is for inspiring a love of reading and raising the profile of Literacy to enable all students to have the best possible opportunities in the future. Through the Assistant Principal role, Miss Neukom has led the motivational Pride Protocols resulting in a positive focus on discipline which has now become part of the whole Academy value system. She is also responsible for developing outstanding features of teaching and learning within lessons, leading a team of advocates to support new and existing colleagues.
  • Dr Rachel Martin - Assistant Principal
     Rachel Martin 120 x 180Dr Martin comes to teaching from a career in the Analytical Chemistry industry as the International Sales and Marketing Manager for a large Japanese corporation. Her academic background incorporates a PhD from University of Wales and postgraduate research for the National Research Council of Canada, publishing numerous scientific papers. She has been teaching Science for 8 years and this is her fourth year at the Academy, previously managing Key Stage 4 Science at a local Outstanding school.  Dr Martin is a Specialist Leader in Education and the Pastoral Lead/Head of Year for Year 11 students.Dr Martin is Curriculum Leader for the Science faculty, teaches all three Sciences, and is Assistant Principal – Director of Standards, a remit that involves closely monitoring the performance of Key Stage 4 students across all subjects, identifying children at risk of underperforming and implementing intervention strategies to raise standards. She is also responsible for Period 6 and Saturday Academy.
  • Mr Kevin Towle - Assistant Principal
     Mr K Towle 120 x 180
  • Miss Steph Morris - Associate Assistant Principal
     Miss S Morris 120 x 180
  • Ms Sinead Hosty - Associate Assistant Principal
     Mrs Hosty 120 x 180Ms Hosty graduated from the University of Leeds after reading Philosophy and Theology.  She has been teaching in the Manchester area for nine years and moved to Manchester Health Academy from an all-boys school in 2016. Ms Hosty has held a number of roles within the schools in which she has taught and has worked relentlessly to improve the attainment and progress for her areas of responsibility. Her current role at Manchester Health Academy focusses on the achievement and progress of boys and the achievement and progress of students studying Religious Studies, Citizenship, CIAG and PHSE. Ms Hosty has studied for her NPQSL and is utterly committed to ensuring that young people have the very best start in life and firmly believes that education is a passport to their future successes. Ms Hosty holds a clear set of moral values and is  driven by a firm moral purpose to continuously strive to provide an outstanding educational experience to all children in her care.  As an optimistic and sanguine individual, she always ensures that she builds positive relationships with all members of the school community.  Always leading by example and acting with integrity, she is able to draw on a wealth of expertise; both experiential and scholarly. It is Ms Hosty’s ambition to ensure that all pupils reach their full potential.


Curriculum Leaders

  • Mrs Helen Cates – English
  • Mr Mark Newman – Mathematics
  • Dr Rachel Martin – Science
  • Mrs Helen Mullen –  Global

Support Staff

  • Jane Roddy – Business & Marketing Manager
  • Sue Campayne – Marketing and Fundraising Officer
  • Dom Cook – ICT Manager
  • Bob McCluskie – Site Manager
  • Marice Gilbert – Attendance Officer
  • Leanne Maguire – Safeguarding Officer

Welfare Team

  • Sonja Evason – Welfare Leader and Academy Counsellor
  • Lisa Donnelly – Year 7 Welfare Co-ordinator
  • Clare Dutton – Year 8 Welfare Co-ordinator
  • Steph Watkins – Assistant Year 8 Welfare Co-ordinator
  • Tina Spencer- Year 9 Welfare Co-ordinator
  • Nicola Sheridan – Year 10 Welfare Co-ordinator
  • Megan Offord – Year 11 Welfare Co-ordinator
"The leadership team, including Governors, are committed and ambitious for the academy to do well. They have focused on the areas for improvement identified in the development plan and there is robust evidence to show that rapid progress is being made." Ofsted 2014