Student Leadership

At Manchester Health Academy we believe that an effective student voice is integral to nurturing responsible, collaborative and proactive young people. The Student Leadership Team aims to build a sense of community and strength within the schools mission statement “Excellence for all; Aspiration for all; Leadership for all; Success for all”. The aim of the Student Leadership Team is to create and maintain a respectful and formal process that represents students so that their views and opinions can help inform the decision making process for pastoral, academic and whole school development.

Through the various activities that are on offer at Manchester Health Academy students become more involved in various aspects of school life helping them gain essential life skills, including;

  • Leadership
  • Team Work
  • Responsibility
  • Raising Self Esteem
  • Improving Self Confidence
  • Supporting and Developing Rewards for Leadership Qualities

Student Leadership Team

At Manchester Health Academy we have a Student Leadership team which are led by an Executive Student Leadership Team. Their focus is to work together to improve our school and make it the best for their fellow students. This is achieved by the leaders working with the student council and listening to the views of others and making sure everyone has a chance to be heard. They meet with the Principal of Manchester Health Academy once every half term to represent and present the views of other students, to influence school events and make positive changes. The lead students act as positive role models for students across the Academy in all year groups by demonstrating exemplary behaviour, attendance and achievement. Across the Academy every student will be given the opportunity to develop their leadership in preparation for life beyond the Academy.

The Academy’s Executive Student Leadership Team 2020 – 2021 are:

Head Girl: Summer Mee

Head Boy: Ali Mohammed

Deputy Head Girl: Libby Bonney

Deputy Head Boy:  Daniel Phillips

Student Council

The Student Council gives representatives from every year group the opportunity to meet regularly for debate and to make decisions. It aims to gather student views, to plan initiatives and events and generally to be a positive influence in the development of the school. The Student Council works in partnership with the schools management and with staff.

Council members are elected in a democratic process by their peers and serve for an academic year. From the previous year we have five students who remain on the council to continue the work in progress and to lead the new student council members. The student council usually meet once each half term and a record is kept of agendas and minutes in school. After the meeting the students feedback information to their peers and collect ideas and comments in preparation for the next council meeting. This develops the students as leaders and ensures that the views of all students are heard and represented.

 Student Council accomplishments

  • Working with the architects to design the dining room extension
  • Reviewing the Academy’s PE Kit

Sports Council

The PE Department has a Sports Council in which students get the opportunity to voice their opinion about different aspects of the subject. Students have voiced their opinions on a number of matters concerning: the changing rooms and routine, PE kit, the curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

Literacy Leaders

Students from across the Academy can apply to become Literacy Leaders.  These students get involved with a number of literacy-based projects such as World Book Day and the Literacy Garden project.

Design Technology Leaders

Students meet termly to discuss improvements for the department.

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