Health and Sport Science really matter to us at Manchester Health Academy and is very important that we use our specialism to build self-esteem, improve teaching and learning and to develop lifelong learning opportunities with students, parents and our community.

Our students will gain knowledge and understanding of health issues through our tutorial system and will engage in our well established ‘Health Days’ in order to raise aspiration and support personal growth and development. We will maintain our Healthy Schools Award by providing a varied and exciting curriculum and pastoral support to meet both physical and emotional needs and encourage our students to make healthy lifestyle choices. We work closely with CMFT, our lead sponsor, to provide opportunities and raise aspirations for our students.

In Sport Science we aim to engage and capture the imagination of students in the Academy. We have invested in state of the art equipment, such as heart rate monitors, which relay your heart rate live whilst performing, and WATT Bikes which allow pupils to take part in cycle races individually or in teams whilst still in the classroom. We have also introduced a ‘Fitness Battery’ of ten fun fitness challenges that allow us to compare the fitness of students within the Academy. Our aim is to show improvements in the key indicators of strength and stamina, which correlate closely to health.

Through our links with the Manchester United Foundation we are able to create a culture of aspiration and help inspire students to make positive choices regarding their health, fitness and lifestyle whilst working with one of the country’s most famous and successful institutions.