Academy Vision

Academy Vision

We will be the local secondary provider of choice at the heart of our community.

We will realise potential for all our young people through inspirational teaching and outstanding opportunities.

We will equip all our students with the skills, values and behaviours which will enable them to take their place as good citizens and successful people and to turn their dreams into reality.

Academy Key Priorities

We will enhance the successes achieved over the past three years through a culture of aspiration and celebration, ensuring that all learners have the opportunities to fulfil their potential. For the coming year there will be a particular focus on:

  • Developing teaching and learning of the highest quality to ensure that it is consistently excellent, enabling learners to make at least good progress.
  • Further improve behaviour, attendance and safety to ensure they support standards of achievement across the academy and are a model of outstanding practice in our community.
  • Developing our curriculum so that students have a clear pathway of individual progression from entering the academy until the age of 18 and beyond.
  • Ensuring that all learners have the core skills to successfully meet the challenges of any subject and understand how to progress through effective communication with their teachers.
  • Aspiration and celebration. Excellence for all, regardless of their starting point. This must include the provision of leadership opportunities for everyone at the academy.
  • The specialisms of the academy sponsors and community partnerships will underpin and drive the above priorities.
Manchester Health Academy
“The Principal and senior leaders have effected a highly successful strategy for improving students’ overall outcomes. Clear and robust systems are in place to monitor the quality of teaching and track students’ progress. Whenever high expectations are not being met, appropriate and supportive interventions are implemented" Ofsted 2015