Executive Student Leadership Team Appointed

Mr Green has announced the appointment of our Executive Student Leadership Team for 2017 – 2018, they are:

Head Boy – Jack Formstone

Head Girl – Lauren Quirk

Deputy Head Boy – Ahmed Jama

Deputy Head Girl – Lojska Jesson

The selection criteria used to appoint these roles involved a number of areas which all four students were marked against.  This included students firstly applying for the positions by CV/Letter of application, staff nominations were then taken into account and all students were then involved in an interview and faced a tough selection panel.

The students were each presented with a new striped tie, which has been designed for the Student Leadership Team, and from today they will take up their new roles and represent Manchester Health Academy in official duties.

Mr Green said, “I wish to warmly congratulate all four students, who are each an absolute credit to themselves and the Academy.  They all performed strongly throughout the selection process, and I am looking forward to working with them all this year.”

Executive Student Leadership Team 2017 2018

The Student Leadership Team comprises twelve students from across the Academy.  Their focus is to work together to improve our school and make it the best for their fellow students. This is achieved by the leaders working with the student council and listening to the views of others and making sure everyone has a chance to be heard. They meet with the Principal of Manchester Health Academy once every half term to represent and present the views of other students, to influence school events and make positive changes.

The lead students act as positive role models for students across the Academy in all year groups by demonstrating exemplary behaviour, attendance and achievement. Across the Academy every student will be given the opportunity to develop their leadership in preparation for life beyond the Academy.