Career Ladders Considered

Year 8 students have been thinking about the skills, qualities and qualifications needed for a selection of job roles this week, in sessions led by Mrs Kennedy who kindly joined us from the Department of Work and Pensions.

Mrs Kennedy says that the average person will hold around ten different job roles during their working life, picking up additional transferable skills along the way.  She shared some surprise former jobs famous people have held, including Barack Obama, who once worked as an icecream seller, Stormzy, who spent time in quality assurance and singer Rod Stewart, who has “gravedigger” on his CV.

The sessions really got students thinking about their own future careers, and what they can be doing about them right now to gain experience, skills and qualifications to achieve their aspirations.

Student Tyler said “I loved it because it was new and made me think about the future.”, while classmate Mason said “Mrs Kennedy was a fantastic teacher.”

Thank you very much to Mrs Kennedy for coming into the Academy.

Mrs Kenedy Work and penions Jan 2018