Ghyll Head Residential

The Ghyll Head Residential for Year 7 is finally here! Below are a couple of points for students to remember:

  • Students should arrive at the Academy as normal at 8.40am and in their own clothing.
  • Please bring a packed lunch
  • Pack plenty of layers to keep warm.
  • Please do not bring any sweets, fizzy drinks or excessive snacks – these will be confiscated.
  • We recommend phones are not brought as we cannot be responsible for loss or damage, and the mobile phone reception is poor at Ghyll Head
  • If your parents would like an update, they can contact Academy reception.
  • Don’t forget to bring a book; there will be some quiet time in the evenings.
  • Remember, we are there to represent the Manchester Health Academy community, develop a team ethos and have fun!


Friday 1st December 2017, 1.06pm

  • Gorgeous walk this morning to Gummers How. On our way back now.

Gummer How Walk

You can see for miles!

Thursday 30th November, 2.20pm

  • Busy day full of activities.  Zip wire, wall climbing, high ropes followed by Ghyll scrambling this afternoon. -1 degree outside, bitterly cold. Proud of our students’ resilience!
  • Zip wire:

Zip Wire

Thursday 30th November, 11am

  • The students are having a great time and are thoroughly enjoying their activities – today will include canoeing, zip wire, walk and a campfire this evening.

Wednesday 29th November 2.05pm

  • Arrived safely. Gorgeous weather. A bit chilly. Getting into our groups now for our afternoon activities.
  • Gorgeous view:

View of the lake

Wednesday 29th November 2pm

  • The first group is on their way home and have had a fabulous time!
  • The second group has arrived safely and are settling in.

Wednesday 29th November 8.35am

  • Greetings from Ghyll Head! All students are having a great time!
  • Breakfast with a view:

Breakfast with a view

  • Fun on the lake:

Fun on the lake


Tuesday 28th November, 9.07am

  • Just finishing off a cooked breakfast and looking forward to a fun packed day including canoeing, zip wire, walk and a campfire later on!

Tuesday 28th November, 8.55am

  • All students arrived safely and are enjoying themselves – currently just having breakfast and getting ready for the day ahead.