LGBT+ Badge Design Competition

This month we are celebrating LGBT+ History Month for February, and it is competition time!

Get your creativity in gear, because Manchester United Foundation are running a competition in line with ‘Schools OUT UK’ to celebrate and raise awareness of the issues surrounding LGBT+ and educate out prejudice which still exist in many of our communities. They would like you to design a badge for the 2022 LGBT+ History month theme ‘Arts and Politics – The Arc is long’ from the quote by Dr Martin Luther King Jnr ‘the arc is long, but it bends towards justice’.

Mr Cadwell explains more:

The deadline for entries is Friday 26th February, and students in all years groups are invited to take part.  Send your entries to [email protected] or [email protected].

Below is some guidance for the design that students should consider:

  • Should use bright colours, particularly those associated with LGBT+ Pride.
  • Can be any shape (but bear mind that the round badges have always been least successful).
  • Must be legible within a 5cm x 5cm square (space out design not lots of elements all together, it may be unreadable when made smaller).
  • MUST include the words
    • Lesbian
    • Gay
    • Bisexual
    • Trans
    • History
    • Month
    • 2022
    • LGBT+
  • Can be created on paper or using IT.
  • Cannot include brand logos, human faces, religious or party-political symbols.

Find out more about LGBT+ History Month here.