Manchester United Football Stars Visit Academy

Manchester United Football stars Daley Blind and Bastian Schweinsteiger surprised Manchester Health Academy students with a visit recently.

Students were able to ask the players questions, some enjoyed a kickabout with them, whilst others were surprised in their classroom.

Principal Mr Owen said “The players who visited us were fantastic role models who demonstrate tenacity, resilience and leadership in their football careers.  Our students asked some great questions and the players were able to give them a real insight into their development as players and people.  The visit was an absolute delight.”

Bastian Schweinsteiger said, “It’s nice to see a school here in England as I have never been before so it’s fun to see how it works over here.  When I was young I tried to avoid the classroom and focus on football – I looked up to players that had a lot of experience so now I try to do the same here for the kids. It’s great to meet them and I am really impressed.”

Watch the Schools United visit featuring our students with Daly and Bastien on Facebook here.


Student Lojska Jesson shows Daly and Bastian the new dining room


Bastian surprises students in their classroom


Daly enjoys a kickabout


The Student Leadership Team ask questions