MHA Moves to Reusable Water Bottles

We are making a big, positive change at the Academy – each student has been given their own re-usable water bottle to keep and use, and we will cease selling bottled water in our dining room.

With a growing student population, the Academy is using, and of course then disposing of, a large quantity of single-use bottles of water.  As it can take an astounding 450 years for a single-use water bottle to decompose, it is time to make a positive change to reduce our environmental impact.  Although re-usable bottles take more energy to produce initially, as long as they are re-used, their impact on the environment is far lower than a succession of single-use bottles.  In addition, we estimate that we are currently sending between 1 and 2 lorry loads of used bottles for sorting and recycling each week – a huge amount of plastic!

We are appealing to parents and carers to help make this a success, by supporting their child to wash and bring their bottle, filled with water, each day.  We encourage students to stay hydrated, and we now have four water stations in the dining room for their use at break and dinner time.  Our meal deal will now include an alternative item to replace the bottle of water that was included.

Let’s be the change!

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