NEW! Homework Club

We are delighted to offer a new Homework Club each day after school, where students can complete their Home Learning supported by fully qualified teachers.

The club will start on from Monday 11th October 2021, running at the following times:

  • Monday 3.25pm-4.25pm
  • Tuesday 3.25pm-4.25pm
  • Wednesday 2.25pm-3.25pm
  • Thursday 3.25pm-4.25pm
  • Friday 2.25pm-3.25pm

Students do not need to pre-book or come every day, but they will be expected to arrive on time and follow the protocols of the club. Students will be allowed to bring appropriate snacks but the Academy’s Water Only drinks stance still applies.

Research tells us that to succeed academically, students need to embed crucial knowledge into their long-term memory. Students also need to build a greater knowledge base to which new learning can be anchored. Our rigorous Home Learning programme at KS3 and KS4 aims to support with this, and we are pleased to offer this ‘quiet place’ to complete their homework.

Home Learning 220 x 220