Record Breaking Cyclist Visits Academy 

A group of our Year 7 students had the opportunity to meet professional cyclist, Josh Quigley, when he visited Manchester Health Academy yesterday.

Josh is a Scottish cyclist who has made a fighting comeback after his recovery from life-threatening injuries after being hit by a car whilst riding across America on his bike last year. Not allowing either his injuries or Covid-19 travel restrictions slow him down, he set a new world record for cycling the North Coast 500 route (NC500) on Saturday 19th September 2020.

The students were selected to meet Josh and hear his inspirational story after they worked hard to become the Academy’s first Peloton Award winners. Academy Principal, Mr Green, created the award to celebrate individual students who have gone the extra mile in their learning.

Josh and Globe SMALL

He says, “I often use an analogy with our students, of a cyclist in a race. Cyclists race in a group called a peloton, saving energy by coasting near to one another. I encourage each of our students to break free of the peloton, excel individually and make the most of the opportunities offered at the Academy. Josh’s story is a perfect example of how single-minded pursuit of excellence brings success, and it was fantastic for our young students to be able to ask him their own questions.”

One of the powerful messages delivered by Josh was, “always get back on the bike”. He says that he has learned that life is not always easy, and that there are obstacles and adversity along the way, but as with cycling, you should always get back on your metaphorical bike and move forward in life.

Student, Alexis, presented Josh with his own Peloton Badge and Certificate on behalf of the Academy, in recognition of his amazing achievements.

Group outside SMALL