Students of Manchester Health Academy were celebrating as they received their GCSE results this morning, with an improvement on last year’s results.

Academy Principal, Mr Green, beaming with pride, said, “I am incredibly proud of the students’ work ethic throughout this year.  Despite the well-publicised increase in the difficulty of GCSE exams, we have seen increases in both maths and English as well as notable successes in other subjects.  I would like to thank the parents and carers of our students, our Academy Governors and my brilliant team of staff for all their support of students throughout their school career.”


The school’s highest performing student was Katherine C (above right) , who found time to serve as a member of the Student Leadership Team as well as studying, achieved three Grade 9s, six Grade 8s and a Grade 7.  Katherine said, “I revised really hard and I am so pleased that it has paid off.  My friends and I made a revision game that was quite creative and fun, and that helped.  Thank you to the teachers who have been so supportive.”