School Excellence Award Nominees Announced

Four members of staff at Manchester Health Academy have been shortlisted for a new School Excellence award.

Manchester Health Academy’s lead sponsor, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust hold an annual awards evening to celebrate the work and dedication of colleagues in all of its trust-wide hospital provision.

The Academy is delighted that the Trust has included new award category for this year’s MFT Awards Evening for any member of our staff, be it student facing, teaching, non-teaching or indeed, non-student facing that has made an outstanding contribution to the lives of our school children.

Nominated by colleagues across the Academy, this year’s shortlisted staff are Student Support Officer, Mrs Gill; Receptionist, Mrs Turner; Curriculum Leader of Global Education Ms Mullen and Safeguarding Officer , Mrs Maguire.

The winner of the award, to be known as the MFT School Excellence Award, will be announced on at the forthcoming awards evening.

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