Shamrocks and Shenanigans

St Patrick’s Day was celebrated in style, when the ‘Wythenshawe Irish Music Collective’ (WIMC) performed at One Education’s annual Irish Festival for St Patrick’s Day at Wythenshawe Forum.

The collective’s membership is currently made up of pupils from Button Lane Primary School, Manchester Health Academy, Sale High School and St Aidan’s Primary School, and is lead by Charlotte Earley, Music Co-ordinator at Button Lane Primary School.

The festival is a brilliant event for children from primary and secondary schools to attend and experience music, song and dance workshops

Some of the pupils started with the Collective during primary school, and have continued now that they attend secondary school.  Charlotte said, “I am really proud that we have continued links with these pupils and their parents. They have a huge talent and absolutely love coming to lessons each week. I am very proud of them and what they have achieved over the years.”

Wythenshawe Irish Music Collective March 2019