Manchester Arena Attack

The appalling attack at the Manchester Arena on 22nd May is currently being treated as a suspected terrorist incident. All our thoughts are with the families and friends of those who have lost loved ones or been injured or traumatised.

As a City and as a school we will remain strong and it is more important than ever that our communities continue to support each other.

Our school leadership team will continue to ensure the safety of our children and security of our school building, and will remain vigilant at all times.

We appreciate these terrible events may be distressing for your children and the school community.

We will remain open as usual and we appreciate your support in keeping the day as calm and normal as possible for the children. We have access to Educational Psychology Services should anybody require this. There is an increased number of police, including armed patrols out in communities following yesterday’s incident. These are general patrols aimed at providing community reassurance and there is no need to be alarmed.

There is no intelligence relating to a threat to schools and Greater Manchester Police are not advising any schools to close. As we receive further information from the City Council, we will update parents/carers via our website or by text message.

Following Mondays attack our school nurse has sent Year Leads information from CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service), who have offered any support we need with immediate referrals.

We will be showing this Newsround clip to year 7 and 8  forms, and in Year 9 assembly, which parents/carers may find useful when talking to your child about the incident.

Winston’s Wish has useful information about how to respond to questions from your child . The main advice is to provide factual short bursts of information for younger children. Please also emphasise that some aspects of social media will be untrue.

The Chat Health service has issued the following information about support for young people affected by the attack:

ChatHealth slide - young people support

Our English department produced this slide to help form tutors talk to our students about issues raised by the attack:


The response of our students has been mature, thoughtful and compassionate.

One of our Year 7 students, Isaac, has responded to the attack with this poem:


The Pride of Manchester
This is our town.
From clubs to pubs,
We stay proud.

From the blue side to the red,
This city is united
Because we’re Mancunians
And we’re delighted.

Let’s stand together as one
And we will come back
Stronger than ever.

The city is ours
This city is our Pride.


Three year 7 girls, Libby, Jessica and Bethany,  collaborated to write this poem:

Manchester Together

What happened to us on Monday,

Is a day we will never forget,

Manchester will fight strong today,

And everyday ’til then.


Mancunians will stay strong,

Coming together as one,

You think this will defeat us well guess what you’re wrong.

You tried to divide us but you made us stronger,

We help each other full of respect,

This bomb will not break us you couldn’t be wronger,

People in the area cradled each other.

Adults as one children as one,

We are Mancunians,

This is the place we grew up the place we call home,