Parents, Carers & Students

You are the largest influence in your children’s lives and as such we welcome the importance of working very closely with you.

This section is tailored to you as the parent/carer, giving you all the information you need as a parent such as admission information, uniform suppliers, catering information, term dates, relevant Academy policies etc.

Our Parent/Academy partnership is based on the following:

  • To be a welcoming and friendly place for parents/carers to feel relaxed attending.
  • Providing parents/carers with a wide range of information to hand which helps with organisation and also promotes their child’s learning.
  • For parents to feel reassured that their children are safe.
  • Producing and implementing friendly policies to establish home/academy links to ensure behaviour, attendance and progression are at the forefront of their child’s education.

We hope you enjoy this area of the website and find it informative.

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