You can apply for a place at Manchester Health Academy online by visiting

Alternatively, email [email protected] or call the School Admissions Team on 0161 245 7166.

The Local Authority does not operate a feeder primary model for admissions and any Manchester child may apply to any of its schools. The Local Authority gives priority to Manchester children ahead of non-Manchester residents for places in Manchester schools. The application process is through the Local Authority Admissions Service.

The Manchester Academies, together with Manchester Community and Voluntary Aided schools are fully committed to the delivery of the best possible education for ALL Manchester children and are fully supportive of the Local Authorities admissions policy.

In accordance with statutory requirements, the offer of places at Manchester Health Academy will be made to students by 1st March of the year they are due to start their secondary schooling.

Admission Arrangements for 2020/21 – Determined Admission Arrangements Policy 2021 – 2022

Appeals are handled by Manchester City Council and further information about their appeals process can be found by visiting their website

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