Careers: Apprenticeship Opportunities

Why choose an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are real jobs with training and are a great way to build your skills and future.  From work with big brands to small businesses, health or public services, you can find an apprenticeship that suits you.  You’ll learn as you go and gain valuable first-hand experience. You’ll also get a salary, all your training costs paid, and other benefits such as holiday pay. And at the end of your apprenticeship, you’ll be qualified for a job.

What to expect working and studying

As well as learning at work, you’ll spend at least 20% of your time training. Training is related to your job and usually takes place at college, university or with a training provider but could be in your workplace. Training can be on day-release (which means going to college one day a week) or in blocks, so you may have a week of training in one go. If you are taking a diploma or qualifications, you may want to top up your learning in your own time too.

These links provide lots of information about apprenticeships:

Greater Manchester Apprenticeship and Careers Service

“The young people of Greater Manchester have told us what’s important to them: getting connected, staying well, knowing what help they can get to achieve their goals, and getting a fair chance in life whatever their background is. We’re here to help you with the important stuff.”

The Apprenticeship Hub

A Youtube channel with lots of information about apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships on the Government website

“Find out how to become an apprentice, what apprenticeships are available and which employers offer them.”

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

“We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and expertise. An apprenticeship sets people up to achieve their long-term career aspirations.”

Future Talent

Apprentice jobs & degree apprenticeships for UK 16 – 24 year olds


SETA helps young people start their career in engineering after 16 when you leave school, or 18 when you leave college.

“We provide the training and qualifications you need and we help companies in the area recruit young people to be their apprentices and the engineers of tomorrow.”


The RAF offers a range of apprenticeships regardless of GCSE results, as well as a number of roles where no GCSE passes are required.

The Growth Company

“Are you looking to get a head start in your future career and earn money at the same time? If the answer is yes, then see how an apprenticeship can get you ahead of the competition.”

"Throughout my career, some of my best hires have been people who have bypassed the traditional route of university and learned their skills through apprenticeship schemes or alternative education courses." Peter Jones, Business Leader