Parents’ View/Surveys

Parents’ Views

The views of our parents are paramount to the Academy. They help us be aware of what you think, good or bad, and give us the opportunity to improve systems or just continue doing a good job.  After each Academy event we ask parent’s for their views and we ensure that any concerns parents have are acted upon immediately.

Parent Evenings have already started in 2017 with Year 11 on the 12th January.  100% of parents commented that their child was happy at the Academy and all these parents felt that their child was making good progress.    Parents commented on the evening that again their child is being thoroughly supported and pushed to achieve their very best.

100% of parents surveyed said they felt the Academy was well led and managed and students were expected to do their best.  97% of parents would recommend MHA to others.  Many parents commented that the environment is a lovely place for their children to learn. Teaching staff are polite, hardworking and committed to ensuring that students achieve their very best.

We also welcomed year 8 parents into the academy and again many positive comments were received.  100% parents felt their child was happy at MHA and making good progress. 96% of parents felt their child was making good progress and felt that they were supported within the academy.  Quite sadly only 87% said that the academy provided appropriate homework which is challenging and stimulating, this is worrying and an area which we will look further into.

Parents made some lovely comments which included:

“I would like to thank the teachers at the Academy for their persistence, believing in my daughter and bringing out the best in her”

“The teaching is excellent, the teachers are fantastic, a big thank you for putting in the extra hours each evening, during Saturday Academy and school holidays”

“Everything is just perfect at the Academy, a big thank you to everyone that works there”

We look forward to holding the next round of our Parent Evenings for Years 8, 9 and 7 over the next couple of weeks.

Ofsted Parent View

We have set up Parent View which is an online facility that allows you to give your views at any time during the school year.  Parent View asks for your opinion on 12 aspects of your child’s school, from the quality of teaching, to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour. This information automatically goes to Ofsted who will then use the information you provide when making decisions about which schools to inspect, and when. Please use this link to access Parent View -

  Parent View

Parent Surveys

During events within the Academy we ask parents/carers to complete a standard questionnaire which asks a series of questions to gain your thoughts and views on areas of the Academy. We treat this information in the strictest confidence and use it accordingly.  The links below are the information we have received per evening.

Year 7 Parent Evening Information

Year 7 Parents Evening (Settling in) – October 2015

Year 7 Parents Evening – January 2016

Year 7 Parent Information Evening – October 2016


Year 8 Parent Evening Information

Year 8 Parents Evening – January 2016



Year 9 Parent Evening Information

Year 9 Parents Evening – November 2015



Year 10 Parent Evening Information

Year 10 Parents Evening – November 2015


Year 11 Parent Evening Information

Year 11 Parents Evening – January 2016

Year 11 Parents Evening – April 2015 and April 2016

Year 11 Parents Evening 12 January 2017

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"The great majority of parents and carers who responded to the on-line survey are of the view that students are well behaved." Ofsted 2015