Final Whit Half Term Schedule

PLEASE NOTE: as there are half term sessions during the holidays there will be no Saturday Academy on Sat 27th May.

The holiday sessions are shown below:

Tuesday 30th May

9.30 – 12noon

Wednesday 31st May

9.30 – 12noon

Thursday 1st June

9.30 – 12noon

Food Tech (Mrs Lee)

History (Ms Morris)

Maths Sets 1, 3 & 4 (Mr Newman and Mr Strauss)

Further Additional Science (Dr Martin and Mr Martin)

Maths Sets 2 & 3 (Mr Towle)

Graphics (Mr Green)

English (English team)

Maths Sets 1, 5 and 6 (Mr Wright and Mrs Hussain)

Additional Science (Science team)



Pre-exam support includes Period 6 and Saturday Academy, as well as subject specific catch up sessions.

Study area for Year 11

A study area has been provided for all Year 11 students in the Sixth Form area of the academy and will be open everyday from 2.45pm-4.45pm.  This area will provide you with a quiet space for revision and the computers will also be available for your use.  The area will be supervised at all times and any students that do not respect the space will be asked to leave.

Period 6 Sessions 2016-2017

(Updated 21st October 2016)

Day Subject (8am-8.40am) Subject (2.45-3.45pm) 
Monday   Maths 
Tuesday   English
Media Studies
HistoryHealth and Social 
Wednesday RE Business StudiesFood TechSpanishGeographyPE




Thursday   ScienceArtGraphics/Product Design 
Friday   C3 Progress detentions from lessons Detentions for missed P6 during the week