New Parent App – Making Life Simpler for You!

The Academy is pleased to be a launching a new app to help you to keep on top of Academy life, all in one place on your smart device.

What the app provides

The app will provide you with instant access to term dates, event information, newsletters, surveys, social media such as the MHA Instagram and Twitter and much more. It also will link directly to the latest news and important information on our website.

The app has other additional features, such as submitting consent forms and surveys, and also has a facility to report absences for your child through the app; this is something we will introduce at a later stage once all parents and carers are more familiar with its use.

We will be using the app to send out direct and group messages to our parents and carers. Messages will be sent via push notifications directly to your smart device for you to read at any time.

The system also has the ability to send direct SMS and emails, which we will use during the interim period while parents/carers are still downloading the app. The app also lets you invite other family members to download the app, ensuring that the right people have access to important information regarding your child.

GDPR and Security

The app is fully secure and GDPR compliant. If you wish to opt out of receiving an invitation, please contact the main reception.

Your personal invitation

On Tuesday 21st May, you will receive your very own personal invitation with a unique code which will provide you with access to the app. This will be sent out via a text message direct to your phone. Please ensure that we have the correct contact number for you to receive this exclusive invitation.

Parent Forum and Drop In Sessions

To ensure that you are fully supported in downloading and using the app, we have decided to dedicate our Parent Forum sessions on this day to parentapps. Sessions will take place at 10.00am and 5.00pm. Parents attending this session will have exclusive access to the people behind the app and will be able to see all the benefits that the app will bring and how you can use it to its full advantage. If you attend this session, please remember to bring along your smart device (phone, i-pad, etc.)

I am sure you will agree that the app will be beneficial for you as parents/carers, as information will be available to you at the touch of a button. The app will also ensure that we communicate with you in a fast and more cost-effective way.

Need some support?

Call Parent Apps on 0800 195 0279

e-mail: [email protected]

We hope that you find our new app a great help and a positive development in our communications with you.