School Meals

Food at Manchester Health Academy is provided by TNS Catering.


The Academy has a FREE Breakfast Club which is open daily from 7.30am until 8.15am. Students are provided with a breakfast choice of cereals, toast and drinks. Students can relax in a safe environment, surrounded by friends, ensuring they start the day with the most important meal. Our Breakfast Club is kindly supported by local jam company Duerr’s.


We serve a selection of hot meals, sandwiches and jacket potatoes every day.

Our menu is currently under review while the TNS team are trial some new dishes.

Example menu:




Break time

Example menu:

MHA Mid Morning Break Menu Sept18

Try it at home!

Have a go at making Pearl’s delicious quiche with a Mexican twist

Mexican Chilli Cheese Quiche

Shortcrust pastry:

453g flour, 113g margarine, 113g lard, 2oz water.

Rub margarine and lard into the flour to resemble breadcrumbs  add water then need together until nice and soft roll out so it’s big  enough to line your baking tin bake blind for 15 minutes. (If you are pushed for time, you could always use ready made pastry)

For the filling you will need :

175g  Mexican chilli cheese

4  tomatoes

3 eggs

200ml double cream

4  Spring onions

Pinch of salt and pepper

2 tbsp lime

1 tsp  tabasco sauce

Whisk eggs and cream together add spring onions salt and pepper lime and Tabasco place tomatoes and Mexican chilli cheese on top of pastry pour mixture over and bake for 20 / 30  minutes.

Packed Lunches

If you and your child prefer, you can send a packed lunch – this website provides lots of ideas for making your child’s lunch a healthy one.

Cashless Catering and Paying for School Meals

Students do not pay for their meals by cash. The Academy has biometric scanning machines situated in the dining room. Student pay money into the machines to credit their accounts and then access their account at the tills via either their finger scan or a scanned card.

The system works exactly the same for all students whether they pay or have a free school meal. Free school meal student accounts are automatically updated with their allowance each morning.

The system is safe. No image of the fingerprint is stored only a series of digits which the computer recognises as the child’s fingerprint although we are happy for students to receive a lunch card instead of using their fingerprint if parents require this.


We accept payments online for items such as dinner money, school trips and uniform.  Using a secure website called ParentPay you can pay online using your credit or debit card.  ParentPay is our preferred method of making payments to school.

Cash Payments

Cash payments can be made into the automatic cash revaluation terminals in the Academy. The machines accept all notes and coins greater than 5p.

The student simply places his/her finger on the scanner and inserts the amount they wish to place onto the account. The amount is then updated onto the system. As standard a £4.00 daily spend limit is in place but this can be reviewed by parents/carers. All purchases are recorded and reports can be printed for students if parents require this information.

(We are unable to offer change of notes. Please ensure your child attends school with the correct money for the machine).

Special Dietary Requirements

If your child has a special dietary requirement that may be due to a food allergy, intolerance or metabolic imbalance, T(n)S Catering, can cater for such special diets. With appropriate notice, they will work with the school catering team to ensure that a suitable menu choice is available each day.

If your child has a special dietary requirement, in the first instance please notify the school, and ensure your request is supported with written confirmation from the relevant medical professional.

Catering Information

Our kitchen has a Food Hygiene rating of 5 (the highest possible)

Food Hygiene 200 x 120

School Food Standards Guidance (1) (1)

About TNS Catering Management

TNS say “At TNS our objective is to work in close partnership with our schools to create a first class dining service for pupils, staff and visitors.  We provide fresh, healthy nutritious meals which meet government guidelines and offer innovation and creativity to ensure an educational and enjoyable meal experience is achieved. We are not satisfied with just delivering the norm, we seek to come up with dishes and concepts that will not only satisfy those hunger pains, but also provide our clients and customers with innovative, inspirational food options. We work on the basis that food should be enjoyed by all, exceeding expectations, serving a variety of authentic dishes which take on influences from around the world, as well as current trends, and possibly starting them!”