Support for Parents and Carers

Being a parent of a secondary school student can be a challenge – your child is growing and changing quickly, building their independence and learning new things every day.  They still need lots of support, but they are developing into the independent adults that they will become all too soon. Here we detail some of the things that you can do to support your child, and things that we can do to support you.

You are the most powerful influence in your children’s lives and we welcome working very closely with you.

For information or advice on any aspect of supporting your child through secondary school, or any worries you have about your child, please contact the Welfare Team, e-mail [email protected] or telephone 0161 998 3992.

Maintaining good routines

Your child will need to develop their organisation skills, as they have more things that they will need to be responsible for than they did at primary school.  A calm, positive start and end to the day will make a huge difference for them and the rest of the family.

Tips for staying on track every day:

  • Encourage your child to pack their bag and lay out their uniform each evening ready for the next day.
  • Try to have a healthy breakfast, either at home or your child is welcome to attend our daily free breakfast club
  • Work out what time your child needs to leave to give them plenty of time to get to school – factor in a little extra to allow for transport delays. Registration/form time is a time where we share important notices and other information with students, so it is very important to be here on time.
  • Every student is provided with a planner that they need to have with them at all times.  This is where they keep their timetable, notes about homework, and it includes lots of useful information.  Check your child’s planner and ask if they have any notices/forms and homework each evening.

Help Available to Parents/Carers

We have a wide range of people available to help parents and carers with any issues they may have.  Please ring the Academy Office on 0161 998 3992 to request an appointment.

  • Form Tutor – your first point of contact for all routine issues and concerns
  • Assistant Principal – issues concerning attendance, behaviour and uniform
  • Welfare Co-ordinator (formerly Year Leader) – support for students and parents, routine issues and concerns
  • School Nurse – any medical issues and concerns
  • Curriculum Leader – subject-specific information or concerns
  • Attendance Officer – support for students, parents/carers and teachers in matters of attendance
  • Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator – support for children with special learning needs
  • Attitude to Learning Team – support to help students overcome difficulties with their behaviour for learning and to provide support and guidance
  • Principal – for issues not resolved satisfactorily after all other channels have been explored

Wellbeing Drop In service

A Wellbeing Drop In service is available for any parent who has concerns for their child’s wellbeing. This is held every Tuesday between 2pm – 3.30p.m. There is no need to make an appointment, just call to reception and make reception aware that you have come for the Wellbeing Drop-in.

Do you need a boost?

FREE six week course to improve your wellbeing.  Day and evening sessions available.

Our Boost course is all about building positive relationships and helping you to meet the challenges that parenting teenagers brings.  It is friendly, non-judgemental and low-key.   To find out if this course might be just the thing for you, please contact Mrs Evason, e-mail [email protected] or telephone 07980 402 466,  with no obligation.

  • Understand yourself more
  • Manage stress better
  • Raise your self-esteem
  • Improve communication
  • Recognise and challenge negative thoughts

Parents/carers who have attended this course say:

“I’ve become more determined and confident to meet people and socialise”

“This course was so well run, I always felt welcome and as though I contributed”

“The course has made me feel positive and pushed me to make my future become the future I want it to be”

“The course was fantastic, I’ve made new friends which has been lovely”

“I enjoyed the course so much I want to come on the next one”

Parent Forum

The Parent Forum group aims to improve communication and promote a strong partnership between the Academy and our parents/carers.  Meeting once every half term, all parents and carers are encouraged to join, see more details here.



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