Supporting Your Child’s Learning

Supporting your child’s learning

Starting conversations with your child about what they are reading and studying, and talking to them about books that you may be reading is a good way to show your child that you are interested, and to keep up with what they are learning.

Keeping up with current affairs is another good way to introduce conversations that may well link to school work.

Tying in visits to a museum or exhibition links to your child’s school work is a fantastic way to deepen their knowledge and to show them that learning can be an enjoyable activity.

Supporting your child with homework

Your child will need to work more independently at secondary school than they did at primary, but your support and encouragement can make a real difference to their achievement.  Helping your child to organise their homework, encouraging reading and talking to your child about what homework they have to do provides an opportunity for you to be engaged with what they are learning at school.  See the homework page for more information about the homework we set at the Academy.

Supporting your child with exam revision

Exam time can be stressful – your support as a parent/carer can make a real difference to you child as they work through revision and sit their exams.

All Year 11 students are given a revision guide to help get them organised for their forthcoming exams.

Two websites that give advice about managing stress and anxiety and may be beneficial to your child and you at this time are BBC Mindset programme and NHS Coping with Exam Stress.

This information may also help you to reduce the stress of exams Exams and Stress.

“There is no magic to achievement. It’s really about hard work, choices and persistence.” Michelle Obama, Lawyer and Writer