Moving up from Year 6

Hello!  My name is Libby Bonney, and I came to Manchester Health Academy from Sandilands Community Primary School.  I’m now in Miss Collins’ form in Year 7.  I want to share my experiences of moving up to the Academy from Year 6 last year.


Here is a poem that I wrote about my first day when I was thinking about telling you all about it:

The Day

From big fish in a little pond,

To little fish in a massive sea,

Leaving what I’ve always known,

Wondering what comes next? What will it be?

Thinking of change, butterflies kick in,

Thoughts of new subjects, teachers and friends,

Going shopping the lists are long,

Posh new clothes, stationery and pens.

Seven a.m. the alarm goes off,

Nervous about going through them big gates,

Get to lunch, half way through,

It’s going well, not as scary as I thought,

By home time, I’ve got friends, old and new.

Key dates


Manchester Health Academy Visit Primary Schools

Members of our team will visit your child and their primary school teacher.

Year 6 Taster Week 26th June – 30th June – your child will have the opportunity to visit the Academy.

Thursday 6th July 2017  9.00am – 2.00pm 

Transition Day

Your child will be invited to spend the day with other students who will be attending Manchester Health Academy with them in September.

A light breakfast will be served for children who arrive from 8am, for a 9am start to the day.

We are sending this letter out to parents of children who we anticipate attending the Transition Day regarding parking and collection arrangements: 9. letter re parking – Yr 6.

Thursday 6th July 2017   5.00pm-8.30pm

Open Evening for Parents/Carers and Students 

You will get the chance to meet the Principal and your child’s form tutor and find out more about the Academy.


Wednesday 6th September 2017

The First Day! Manchester Health Academy Re-opens for the 2017-2018 Academic Year

Students need to arrive at the times below and go directly to the assembly hall via the community entrance.  Please note that only Year 7 students are to arrive at 8.40am; the Academy will not be open for other years at this time. Students in other year groups should only arrive in time for their assembly as below.

  • 8.40am – Year 7 arrival and welcome assembly
  • 9.20am – Year 8 arrival and welcome assembly
  • 9.50am – Year 9 arrival and welcome assembly
  • 10.15am – Year 10 arrival and welcome assembly
  • 10.40am – Year 11 arrival and welcome assembly

If students or parents have any questions about transition to Manchester Health Academy please e-mail us at


Moving Up Preparation Materials

Printable activities that you can do with your child as they prepare to move up to secondary school:

Moving Up: Activity Booklet

Moving Up: MHA Passport

Moving Up: Coping with change Tip sheet

Moving Up: Feeling Good Tip Sheet

Moving Up: Developing routines tip sheet

Moving Up: Getting organised Tip Sheet


Admission Form

Disability Form

Ethnic Monitoring

Free School Meals



The trams now run every 12 minutes outside the Academy.  Please remind students to remain safe near tram lines and overhead electricity cables.  It is especially busy in the morning and afternoon with children either arriving or leaving.  We ask parents are also extra vigilant when dropping or picking up.  Once students return in September there will be a number of assemblies from Metrolink staff on safety near tram lines and overhead cables.

Keeping your child safe

Please ensure your child is aware of traffic and stranger dangers especially if they are travelling to the Academy on a bicycle or on foot.  We also advise students not to wear headphones to and from the Academy as this can be a distraction to outside noises.

E-Safety and Social Media

As your child moves up to secondary school they will be exposed to an increasing number of social media and websites.  It is important that both of you understand how to stay safe online.

Talk to your child before they start in Year 7 about social media if you haven’t already.  As in real life, the people that they meet in the first few days may not turn out to be their closest friends later on, so encourage them to keep their details personal until they get to know fellow students better – this will help to avoid social conflict arising.

Please be aware of the age restrictions for sites that your child uses:

Age 18 (or 13 with parent’s permission): YouTube, Flickr, Keek

Age 16: Whatsapp

Age 13: Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest

The NSPCC website (link) has some very useful information about online safety, and their Be Share Aware(link) page is worth looking at.  The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (link) also gives good advice, and is the place to go if your child experiences anything untoward online.

5 top tips for safer social networking from the CEOP website:

If you use social networks always think about who can see the things you post and what they reveal about you.

Know who your friends are.

It’s really tempting to accept as many friend requests or follows as possible. It can make us feel popular. But remember, they could be anyone. Do you really want them seeing your pictures, videos or comments?

Share with care.

Once you’ve put something online you’ve lost control of it – it can be copied, shared or edited. It could turn up anywhere. You might be happy showing a funny picture to your friends but would you want your parents or teachers to see it?

Use privacy settings.

Most social networks let you limit what you share to friends or followers you’ve OKed. It’s always a good idea to only let people you know and trust see your stuff. Learn how to use privacy settings and how to block people who are bothering you.

Know how to report.

Most social networks let you report to them if you have a problem on their site. So if someone’s shared an embarrassing picture or is being nasty to you, you need to know how to get help. Learn how to report on any site or app you use by visiting their ‘safety’ pages. Find the Safety pages of popular sites

Know how to get help.

If you feel someone’s bullying you on a social network you should talk to an adult you trust, or, if you’d rather speak to someone you can call Childline on 0800 1111. If someone’s being weird or making you feel uncomfortable, talking about sex or asking you to do things you don’t want to do you should report to CEOP, whatever may have happened CEOP will understand or you call call the police on the non-emergency 101 number. You won’t be in trouble. Here is their website for further details

If there is anything you are unsure about or would like to talk about regarding your child’s e-safety, please feel free to call the Pastoral Team at the Academy.

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"My daughter's transition from Baguley Hall to MHA was fantastic. I believe the welcoming approach of MHA during the transition period from primary to secondary school has helped her to settle into new school life brilliantly!" Mrs Cunneen, Parent 2015