Uniform and Equipment

Dress Code and Personal Appearance


Our uniform creates our identity and establishes a sense of pride amongst the students. Uniform sends a strong message about standards and self-worth. Admission to Manchester Health Academy implies acceptance of the uniform code. Repeated disregard for Academy rules could result in a fixed term exclusion. Uniform does not discriminate and ensures all learners have equal opportunities and shared expectations, regardless of background.

It is expected that all students will attend every day in full, neat, clean uniform, giving the message that our students take pride in belonging to our Academy. This includes all examination periods, including GCSE examinations.




Kit list that is required for PE

  • Black Nike MHA PE top
  • Black shorts/tracksuit bottoms/sports leggings.
  • Black football socks
  • White sports socks.
  • Trainers
  • Moulded or plastic studded football boots
  • Shin pads (must be worn in a competitive situation)
  • Gum shield (must be worn in a competitive situation)

PE Kit

Students using our 3G pitches are encouraged to wear rubber moulded studs when playing on the pitch – metal studs and blades are strictly prohibited.

The Uniform Policy can be found on the Policies page here.

Where to buy

Buying school uniform is a major expense and for this reason the uniform has been carefully chosen and priced, so that whilst it is distinctive from those of neighbouring schools, it is also easily obtainable and keenly priced. The Academy uses an authorised uniform supplier called Debonair which is based in Wythenshawe Civic Centre. We have also teamed up with Wynsors and authorised many of their footwear as appropriate shoes.

Debonair:  2B Hale Top, Wythenshawe, Manchester M22 5RN, 0161 498 0200


Only one pair of small stud earrings and a watch is permitted to be worn. If worn, these items must be removed before PE lessons. Students who persist in wearing jewellery other than that allowed, will have these items confiscated. A letter will be sent to parents asking them to collect it.


Hair must be worn in an appropriate, conventional style. Hairstyles must be such that they can easily be kept neat and do not prevent students from participating effectively and safely in all activities.

Dyeing, high or low-lightening of hair in natural colours is acceptable – other colours are not permitted. Students will be required to re-dye their hair in the event that they should fail to adhere to this rule.

Shirt, skirt and trouser styles

Shirts must have a collar and buttoned to the top. Trousers and skirts should be tailored only. Skirts are to be straight or pleated and must be knee length (no lycra skirts are allowed).

Outdoor coats

Coats must be removed on entering the building and should be worn on the journey to and from the Academy only.

Make-up and nail varnish

Natural, subtle and basic make-up may be worn. Subtle nail varnish may be worn but acrylics and nail extensions of any kind are not permitted and students will be expected to remove these or follow the Academy consequence system regarding persistent incorrect uniform.

Parental support is crucial in maintaining the high standard of uniform and appearance at our Academy.

The Principal retains the right to act as the final authority in the interpretation of the dress code. If unsure, parents and students are advised to contact their Welfare Co-ordinator for clarification before purchasing an item.

Essential items/Equipment

All students are required to bring:

  • A school bag which is suitable for carrying necessary equipment and PE kit.
  • A waterproof coat (hoodies are not acceptable) which must be removed once students enter the Academy building.
  • Their re-usable water bottle, filled with fresh water.

Necessary equipment

  • All students are issued with a pencil case when they arrive at the Academy. The pencil case contains essential equipment that students will need in lesson at all times.
  • All students receive a student planner which they must also bring to every lesson.
  • Students using our 3G pitch are encouraged to wear rubber moulded studs when playing on the pitch – metal studs and blades are strictly prohibited.


Individual secure lockers will be provided for every student. Bags and coats can be stored in the locker when not needed.

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