There’s only one human race

There is no question that we are living through interesting times.  The UK left the European Union last week after 47 years of membership, and change is in the air.  We live in a world with more channels of communication than ever before, more able to share ideas and more able to share our frustrations and opinions.  This has brought increased diversity, but also increased division.

The Academy has a comprehensive and inclusive ethos, with diversity and respect key to our curriculum intent. This year, I took the opportunity to extend this further by getting the whole Academy involved with MACFEST, the Muslim Arts and Culture Festival.

The festival is curated by prize-winning author and peace activist Qaisra Shahraz. Qaisra has dedicated her life to fighting Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and all forms of discrimination. She is committed to building bridges between communities in the UK and around the world.

Hosting our very own MACFEST event at the Academy was a wonderful opportunity to deepen understanding and appreciation of the richness of Muslim heritage.

We are looking forward to visitors from Manchester Airport joining us tomorrow as part of their International Week, when they will run workshops to celebrate Chinese New Year.  Students will experience Chinese dancing, learn some Mandarin language skills and play Chinese musical instruments.

On another note, students continue to participate in Manchester United Foundation’s Unified Football scheme, playing alongside students from two local specialist schools, Brentwood and Pioneer House.

The Academy stands against discrimination in all its forms, and as a learning community we have a wonderful environment for building knowledge and developing the attitudes and principles that our students will take forward as adults.

“There’s only one human race…many faces…Everybody belongs here”  James

Kevin Green