Teaching & Learning

The most important factor in a child’s enjoyment and success in any subject is their teacher.

Teaching at the Academy is our main focus. Excellent teaching will mean that students will make excellent progress and so the better the teaching is the better our students’ results will be.

In every lesson your child’s teachers will:

  • Plan activities to a level which will challenge them to make better progress than would be “expected” and extend their thinking
  • Use progress information about every child to plan for them to make improvements
  • Make sure children work in groups and pairs as well as individually to develop their independence and their communication
  • Make sure all their students know what they are expected to achieve and praise regularly to discuss the progress they are making

Expect that students arrive:

  • On time
  • With the right equipment
  • Fully focused and ready to learn
  • Should develop a conversation, including through marking of your child’s books, which focuses on their strengths and what they need to do to improve as well as literacy and how work is presented

Students will be expected to:

  • Take part in a conversation about their learning, and in, responding in their books, to teachers’ advice
  • Arrive promptly, quietly, with the right equipment and attitude to learning
  • Think about their work, their test results and set themselves goals for improvement
  • Present their work neatly, to the best of their ability
  • Work with their teacher to improve particular areas such as spelling and writing longer answers

As well as observing lessons, leaders at the Academy also regularly look at:

  • Results for each class in the Academy
  • The quality of marking and how students respond
  • Surveys of student on how well they feel they are learning in different subjects
  • Where the best teaching practice is and how it will be shared
  • Whether teachers consistently expect the highest standards of all students

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"Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today." Malcolm X