Able & Talented

What is an “able and Talented” student?

The word ‘able’ tends to be applied to academic ability, whereas ‘talented’ refers to a specific aptitude for a sport, for music or art. Students who are gifted and talented will demonstrate achievement or potential to achieve at the highest levels in comparison with children of a similar age or stage in their education in the following areas:

  • General intellectual aptitude
  • Specific academic aptitude
  • Leadership ability
  • Creative or productive thinking

At Manchester Health Academy students with exceptional talents and academic ability are identified and provided with an enriched curriculum.

A database of identified Able and Talented students is networked for all staff to access. Manchester Health Academy supports the Able and Talented cohort of students in a variety of ways such as enrichment and enhancement within and beyond the classroom.

In lessons student’s needs are accommodated by the provision of differentiated work to stretch and challenge them so that they reach their full potential.
Within the classroom we aim to provide creative, flexible learning opportunities. Teachers encourage the use of higher order thinking skills in order to develop more independent learning the more able students.

These opportunities are provided to meet the individual needs of our more able pupils and give them a specific depth and breadth of education to match their individual learning needs and career aspirations. Additional enrichment for identified students will focus on skill development and lateral thinking activities.

Provision includes:

  • Support from the University of Manchester
  • Visits of undergraduates from Manchester University
  • Summer school
  • Saturday Master classes
  • Competitions with other schools including maths, science and business challenges
  • Master classes focusing using information from Chief Examiners to help students to achieve A/A* grades at GCSE level
  • Academic mentoring
  • Professional artist & writers providing creative workshops to small groups
  • Professional sport and football clubs providing coaching & tuition
  • Problem solving skills
  • Future professional career choices – mock interviews and business simulations to provide employability
“Students’ behaviour in lessons and around the academy is good. They are respectful to adults and to each other. They have a positive attitude to learning and value the wide range of extracurricular activities that contribute to their outstanding spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.” Ofsted 2015