Assessment & Reporting

Academic achievement is tracked half-termly throughout the year from Year 7 up to Year 13. For Years 7 to Year 9 a termly report is produced and e-mailed to parents/carers that provides information on Attitude to Learning and their progress towards target for each subject. Whilst these termly reports contain academic progress information the half-termly report will contain additional attitudes to learning grades as well as attendance information.

Parents/carers of Year 10 and Year 11 students are e-mailed with a half-termly report that covers academic progress as well as attitudes to learning. Teachers of these year groups will report a “working at” grade and a “predicted” grade for each subject studied.

It is therefore important that we have your current e-mail address, please e-mail the Academy with any changes to your contact details at [email protected].

Flight Paths – Developing / Secure / Mastered (D,S,M)

To give finer detail to the grades your child achieves, you will see a letter next to each number grade. Each grade must be mastered in order to progress to the next grade up. Students begin by developing key skills (D), becoming secure with the skills (S) and then mastering (M) them before they can progress onto the next grade. Example below using grade 5:

5M The student is working at the top of this grade and close to the grade above. They have mastered the skills within the grade.
5S The student is working at this grade. They skills are secure within this grade.
5D The student is only just working at this grade. They are developing their skills within the grade.

Grading of new GCSEs & GCSE Reforms

  • 9 (highest) to 1 (lowest) will replace current grades A* to G in the new courses between 2017 and 2019
  • Grade 4 is roughly equivalent to a C
  • Grade 7 is roughly equivalent to an A

More information about the GCSE reform can be found on the Ofqual website.

Target setting

Year 11 targets are based upon the latest Attainment 8 targets available from the DfE. This means that all targets given are personalised to each individual student, using their Key Stage 2 English and maths results (SATs). To ensure higher aspirations, students are given targets based on what the national average of a student with an identical starting point should achieve plus one grade. Students will also receive end of year targets to see the flight path required at the end of each academic year in order to reach their final Key stage 4 Target.

English, Maths, EBacc (Humanities/Language/Science) and Open (any other approved subject) qualifications each have a different estimate, these estimates are broken down into individual grades to determine the minimum grade a student should achieve. To ensure aspiration for students we increase grades by 1 so that students cannot coast. If a student is performing significantly well, it may be that the Curriculum Lead increases their target grade to continue to challenge the student’s attainment potential.

Parents/carers can review their child’s progress at Parent’s Evenings. In addition, teaching and/or support staff are available, via appointment, to discuss progress throughout the year.

"Students achieve well across a broad range of subjects. Disadvantaged students make progress that is in-line with their peers and is better than similar students nationally." Ofsted 2015