Curriculum 2021 – 2022

Curriculum Intent

At Manchester Health Academy, we combine our ambitious, academic curriculum with our bespoke personal development plan to ensure every child, regardless of background or circumstance, has the knowledge and cultural capital they need to become active and successful citizens whilst continuing to uphold our school values- excellence, aspiration, leadership and success.

Our broad and balanced curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced through tailored entitlement booklets, which cater for the needs of ALL the children including the most disadvantaged. This coupled with our personal development plan works towards our vision of ensuring every child realises their absolute potential.

Curriculum Overviews

Year 7 Curriculum Overview 2021 2022

Year 8 Curriculum Overview 2021 2022

Year 9 Curriculum Overview 2021 2022

Year 10 Curriculum Overview 2021 2022

Year 11 Curriculum Overview 2021 2022

Exam Subjects 2021 2022

Exam Subjects 2021 2022

Rationale behind Curriculum Entitlement Booklets

As a school, we want to ensure our curriculum is at least as broad, deep and ambitious as the national curriculum and the best way we found to secure this at MHA was to introduce our curriculum entitlement booklets.

Through these booklets, students can spend more time practising, applying and discussing subject content. Our curriculum booklets include some of the cognitive science principles and evidence based practices such as retrieval, interleaving and deliberate practice which allows students to build on their understanding of threshold concepts over time. When designing our booklets, we ensured they all contained challenging text, tier three vocabulary and most importantly, key misconceptions.

At MHA, we have consistency across the curriculum by providing a booklet as a blueprint for teaching, meaning that there is a guarantee of quality content for every lesson. This does not mean we do not encourage creativity, teaching staff are free to experiment with their individual classes, but a booklet provides the same strong core for all students.

Subject Areas

English Mathematics
Global Science
Art and Design Food Technology and Hospitality
Business-ICT-Computing-Media Childcare and Health & Social Care
Performing Arts PE, Dance and Sport

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X