Business and ICT Curriculum 2020 – 2021

Business and ICT Curriculum Intent

The Business and ICT curriculum is structured and sequenced to help students acquire core knowledge, which is secured through application to develop understanding. The sequencing of the ICT curriculum allows students to build on their knowledge and understanding of Threshold Concepts, which feeds into our KS4 DIT/Computer Science Curriculum.

In KS4 Business, students gain a greater understanding of the commercial world around them by looking at key case studies and by exposing them to tier three vocabulary. Within our department, we want ALL students, regardless of circumstances, to leave MHA with the business and ICT knowledge they need to become active and global citizens who will continue to uphold our school values- excellence, aspiration, leadership and success.

ICT Year 7 Overview HT1-6

ICT Year 8 Overview HT1-6

ICT Year 9 Overview HT1-6

Computer Science – KS4 Digital Information Technology – KS4
Enterprise – KS4 Media – KS4