Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

At Manchester Health Academy we believe that every child can reach their potential.  Some students have challenges that mean they need additional support, and our SEN team are here to make sure that each child has the tools they need to access their curriculum in the best way for them.

We do this by:

  • Identifying children with special educational needs early, in order to support their progress
  • Having high expectations of all our students including those with SEND
  • Maintaining a register of students with SEND
  • Leaders reviewing and sharing information for teachers so that they can support each child appropriately in their lessons, using a variety of teaching and learning styles to match their needs
  • Regularly assessing progress and Access to Learning Plans
  • Accessing the support of external agencies to carry out assessments for specific learning difficulties
  • Employing skilled teachers and teaching assistants who have a continuous professional development programme that ensures all staff are given regular training in new developments regarding SEND
  • Establishing good family links including regular home-school contact and parental support
  • Establishing strong links with local primary schools to ensure a seamless transition process
  • Having a governor with designated responsibility for SEND
  • Using clear, SMART targets
  • Regularly reporting progress to parents
  • Celebrating each child’s successes and the value they add to our learning community

Head of Special Educational Needs

Miss Lisa Wood [email protected]

Information for Parents and Carers

Information about Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Booklet

Special Educational Needs Policy

Our Special Educational Needs Policy and other policies can be found here.

Special Educational Needs Report

SEND Information Report 2021-22

Social Stories

Social stories can help you to explain social situations to your child in a simple way, broken down into steps.  This can help them to be prepared when they come across a situation in the day to day life.

“When I Go outside At Break” Social Story

“Sometimes I Feel Frustrated or Upset” Social Story

“Late For School” Social Story

“Stay Safe” Social Story

“Coronavirus” Social Story

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